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Selling Your Home
(…and Possibly Buying Another One, Too!)
Selling your home and moving can be a real challenge.  We want to help make your experience as painless as possible by taking most of the burden off of you.  We are an award-winning real estate team and we provide our clients with exceptional service and a clear advantage in the selling of their homes because of our strong real estate background, education, and experience.  We invite you to meet our team and to read our testimonials.

What makes us different?  Below are just a few things we think set us apart from other Realtors:

  • Higher Sales Prices Than Most Other RealtorsOver the past 5 years, our team has averaged 3-10% higher prices than the average Realtors in all the neighborhoods in which we work.  The differential in price alone can pay for our fees!  We have many real life cases where we sold an owner’s home for $10,000-$20,000 more than the last sale price of a similar home in the same neighborhood. We list higher because we don’t want to leave our sellers’ money on the table
  • Experience – We have 25+ years of experience in real estate and in the past 5  years, we have sold over $50M+ in sales.  In 2015 and 2016, approx. 50% of our business is from home purchases and 50% is from listings/home sales. So, we are well-versed in what both buyers and sellers are doing and thinking.
  • Transitioning from Selling Your Home to Buying a New Home – Timing is EVERYTHING.  We understand that many sellers have a concern about the timing of selling their home and finding and moving to a new home.  We have done this many times and it is one of the things we do really well for our clients.  We negotiate certain requirements into our contracts for sellers to provide flexibility in their move dates, but that still allows them the freedom to buy and move when they want to do so.  Our selling clients love this!  We will share some ideas with you at your listing appt.
  • We Contest Appraisals for Our Selling Clients… and Win!We have contested appraisals for our seller clients and won!  This is necessary when a buyer agrees to a certain sales price and the property appraises below that sales price.  We have found that not all Realtors will take the time to gather the information to challenge an appraisal or, in many cases, they may not know how to present the correct information in a professional manner in order to win.  We go the extra mile, which has resulted in higher prices for our selling clients.  
  • Home Preparation – A key ingredient to your home sale!  We do our best to only recommend minor, inexpensive improvements for your home.  We are currently in a seller’s market in most areas of Tampa Bay, and inventory has been lower than average, so we see very little need for expensive upgrades, just meaningful ones.  We know what those are.  Our sellers are amazed at what just a few hundred dollars can do.  And we can usually estimate the approximate value of a particular upgrade, because we understand the appraisal side well.  
  • We Capture Great Photos of Your HomeOh the TERRIBLE photos we all see on the Internet!  We don’t want you to be a victim of this.  This is a HUGE pet peeve for us and photos are one of the top reasons buyers will or will not come to see your home.  The listings with the best photos get the most showings and the most showings produce the most (or multiple offers), resulting in the highest price possible for you.  We also spend HOURS editing your photos to infuse light, sharpen images, enhance color and crop photos at angles that make your rooms look as large and spacious as possible.  We use a PROFESSIONAL GRADE camera (not a camera phone or regular digital camera like most Realtors) and a $1,000+ wide angle lens which helps to make your home look more spacious, too.  Ask agents what they are using to take your photos.  We are happy to provide samples of our work.
  • We Generate More Showings – Our listings average 5-7 showings per week for the first 2-3 weeks and then are under contract within 2-4 weeks – even though we price our listings agressively high.  Again — great photos generate the maximum number of listings which increases your ability to find the PERFECT buyer who will pay the highest price for your home.  
  • Our Listing Descriptions are Key – We consider the listing description as important as preparation and photos.  Listing the key elements that make your home different – and more valuable – is essential.  We also strive to create an emotional experience when buyers read your description.  The goal is to draw the most buyers in to see your home.  
  • We have Unique, Custom Tools to Educate our Seller Clients on the Market – As a result of our strong IT knowledge, we provide a custom, report, hand-crafted for each individual client that no other Realtor provides, we call our “Seller’s Market Snapshot” report.  This report provides the most crucial information to determine value, pricing trends, days on market, etc., It contains active, pending and sold homes within the specific market or neighborhood, a map showing the location of each home, a grid listing each home and all critical details appraisers consider, and a live link to each home’s listing so that owners can view photos of the home to compare it to theirs.  We then explain why their home is different and how to maximize on those unique qualities.  Contact us for a complimentary market snapshot for your home. You will quickly see why this report is such a great resource to our seller clients. 
  • Financial Analysis – We spend a lot of time preparing professional financial analysis of your estimated net proceeds at closing prior to listing your home so that you can plan.  If you are purchasing after you sell your home, we present a sell-buy analysis for you so you can see the complete financial picture.  We are usually within 1-3% of our estimates, usually erring on the positive side for our clients so that there are no financial surprises.
  • Organization – We know being organized reduces stress for our clients.  To assist with this, we provide a Listing Process Checklist to our seller clients to show them the various phases of the sales process with detailed steps so that they can track our progress and, after the contract is secured, the buyer’s process (inspections, appraisal, etc.).  We find that it’s a stress-reliever for our clients to know what to expect and also what action items they will have during the process. 
  • We Have a Team – We have a team dedicated to our seller clients to help with all aspects of your home sale from marketing to managing offers and supporting closing activities.  We work as a team to assist you at any time!
  • Showing Analysis & Feedback – We provide regular updates on showings to assist our selling clients in understanding how buyers are perceiving their home so that any adjustments can be made as necessary to allow for the best showing experience and, ultimately, the best offer price.  We can provide you with actual showing reports so that you can see that we do what we say we are going to do.
  • We LOVE Working With Our Clients – Last but not least!  Our favorite thing – our clients!  🙂  We really do love getting to know each and every one of our clients and we love making business connections between clients when it makes sense, too.  Every one of our clients is unique and interesting to us and that is what makes this so fun!  We look forward to hopefully meeting you!

Please call us for a free consultation.  We want to help you receive the most money for your home and make your transition as easy as possible! 


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