Buying a home is one of the BIGGEST decisions and purchases of your life, and moving can be a real challenge. We want to help make your experience as painless as possible by taking most of the burden off of you.

We are an award-winning real estate team. We provide our clients with exceptional service and a clear advantage in the buying of their homes because of our strong real estate and financial background, education, and experience. We invite you to meet our team and to read our testimonials.

With so many Realtors out there, why choose us?  Here are a few things that set us apart from other Realtors:

  • Over 40+ years of experience provides a proven advantage for our clients
  • Worried about timing the sale of your current home or expiration of a current lease and buying a new home? We’ve got this.
  • Our Custom Buyer Market Snapshots Quickly Educate Our Buyer Clients on the Market
  • Organization
  • Financial Analysis
  • We Have a Team of Agents Dedicated to You!


We have 40+ years of combined experience in real estate and, we have sold over 330 homes, totaling over $90M in sales.  This experience has and continues to provide a significant advantage for our clients. 

On average, approximately 50% of our business has been from home buyers and 50% has been from home sellers (listings), so, we are well-versed in what both buyers and sellers are doing and thinking.

A great agent utilizes the most accurate market data and has years of experience in negotiation of contract terms, inspection issues and appraisal issues.  Would you risk your health by hiring a surgeon who hasn’t performed at least 100+ surgeries?  Don’t put your financial health at risk by choosing a less-experienced agent!

Before you choose an agent, we highly recommend you check out our article on Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Buyer Agent.


Do you currently own a home that you have to sell before buying?  Are you currently in a lease?  How will you manage the timing of everything?  That’s a lot of moving pieces.  We’ve got this.

We have done this many times. It is one of the things that provides us with a competitive edge, compared to other Realtors.

  • Existing Homeowners – We can negotiate certain requirements into our contracts for sellers to provide flexibility in their move dates, so they don’t feel rushed to buy their next home, while still allowing them the freedom to buy and move when they wish.  Ask about the Post-Sale Occupancy agreement.  We have negotiated over 30 of these in the past 8 years.  Our selling clients love this!  Many agents are not educated about this option.  We will share this and other ideas with you at your listing appointment.
  • Buyers Who are Currently in a Lease – We recommend beginning your search 6 months from lease expiration so that you have time to get pre-qualified and determine any issues on your credit report that need to be resolved prior to purchasing.  This also gives us time to educate you on the market and provide a Buyer Estimated Cost Sheet to you for planning purposes.  In addition, depending on your price range and area of interest, it may take several offers to secure a home.  Finally, we also recommend that you reach out to your current landlord (whether apartment complex or private owner) and ask what flexibility you have in your lease to allow for purchasing a home – or the amount of any lease-break fee, so that we may consider that factor during your home search to allow for the most successful outcome for you.



Using our financial and technology-based experience, we designed a unique custom report for our clients – our Buyer Market Snapshot report. We create this report based on our clients’ initial criteria so that they can further tighten up their requirements to save them time in their home search.  This report provides the most crucial information a buyer needs to quickly view current home prices, days on market, real estate taxes & HOA/CDD Fees for specific homes and neighborhoods, and more. 

Download the Buyer Market Snapshot to see a sample of this client favorite.

After we refine our client’s criteria, we set them up with direct access to the MLS for real-time information (sites such as Zillow are not real-time or may show listings as active when they are pending or sold).



Our clients LOVE this report!  To request your complimentary unique Buyer Market Snapshot, Contact us and provide your key search criteria. We’ll put together a report for you.  You will LOVE it!



We spend a lot of time preparing professional financial analysis, including but not limited to:

  • Estimated Value of the Home You’re Considering – Estimating a home’s value is one of the most important things an agent provides to their home-buying clients.
  • Estimated Monthly Mortgage Payment – This includes principal, interest, real estate taxes, insurance, Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), HOA fees, CDD fees (call us for detailed information on CDD fees and what they cover), condo fees and monthly maintenance fees.
  • Estimated Closing Costs – We provide a detailed list of items including but not limited to appraisal fees, inspection fees, survey costs, HOA capital contributions, estimated real estate taxes, homeowner insurance, flood elevation certificates, lender fees, prepaid real estate taxes (usually 4 months upfront) and insurance (usually 3 months of the estimated cost upfront) and much more.
  • Total Cash Needed to Close On Your Home on Closing Day – The estimated cash you will need to have available on closing day.
  • Sell-Buy Analysis – If you are purchasing after you sell your home, we present a sell-buy analysis for you so you can see the complete financial picture.

We are usually within .50% – 2.00% of our estimates, and err on the conservative side for our clients to avoid potential financial surprises.  It’s one of the largest financial purchases most people make in their lives and we want to ensure that you have a firm grasp of what it will cost to purchase a home.


We know being organized reduces stress for our clients. To assist with this, we provide a Buying Process Checklist to our home-buying clients to show them the various phases of the home-purchasing process with detailed steps so that they can track their progress including their home search,  preparing an offer, home inspections and the final phase of closing on their home purchase. 

We find that it’s a stress-reliever for our clients to know what to expect and also what responsibilities they will have during the process (we clearly indicate these on our checklist).  We will provide this checklist at our first appt., whether it be an initial consultation or your first showing appt.  Call us for a free home-buying consultation!

Phone Consultations – We conduct many of our home-buying consultations via phone due to our clients’ very busy schedules and can set up a home search in the MLS by getting to know you and what’s important to you.  We know your time is valuable and, most likely, in short supply.


We have a team dedicated to our home-buying clients to help with all aspects of your home purchase from initial consultation to showings to managing offers and supporting closing activities. We work as a team to assist you at any time!  Someone is always on call. 

Don’t miss out on your dream home because your agent is out of town and unavailable for showings!  One issue we see with single agents is that their buyer clients want to see a home on a weekend when their agent is out of town or on another appt. and they miss out on what could be their dream home.  We have multiple agents on our team to assist with showings for our clients and also have a trusted list of experienced agent partners to assist when the busy home-buying season is in full gear. 

For the same cost as one individual agent, a team offers the following advantages: 

  • Full-time, Experienced and Licensed Lead Listing Agent – Expertly trained in home preparation & staging, financial analysis of net proceeds and home’s market value, marketing, negotiations at contract and inspections and appraisal review.
  • Full-time, Experienced and Licensed Executive Admin. Asst. – Available to answer your questions, in case your listing agent is on an appt. or call, assists in listing preparation, tracks contract deadlines, keeps the buyer’s lender on track, coordinates buyer inspections, and assists listing agent in managing closing activities with buyer agent, appraiser, title co. and lender.
  • Full-time, Experienced and Licensed Lead Buyer Agent – Expertly identifies your needs to set up the optimum home search for you, negotiates repairs in the event of inspection or appraisal issues, knowledgeable in new construction (regularly touring new construction neighborhoods around Tampa Bay area, including Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough counties).


***If you are selling and buying, having a team working for you simultaneously is incredibly efficient. All team members work alongside each other, communicating regularly (as well as once per week via our weekly team meeting) to meet your financial and timing needs.  We’ve been working together since 2012 as a team and are a well-oiled machine.*** 

Last but certainly not least… our favorite thing – our clients!  We really do love getting to know each and every one of our clients.  Each one of our clients is unique and interesting to us and that is what makes our jobs so fun!  We look forward to hopefully meeting you soon!

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We want to help you make the best home-buying decision within your budget and to make your transition into your new home as easy as possible!




Also, as our client, you will receive FREE access to the MLS, which is updated every 15 minutes, unlike other popular home search websites which can have dated or incorrect information and WASTE YOUR VALUABLE TIME.

We save our clients TONS of time through these tools and, because we work the ENTIRE TAMPA BAY AREA, we know the pros and cons of areas and neighborhoods, as well as the risks of certain types of properties.