How to Buy & Sell at the Same Time in Today’s Crazy Market

You want to move but where will you go?!  This is one of the most common concerns we hear from our homeowner clients who really want to move to another neighborhood but fear that they will sell and not have a home to move to.  We get it.  This is when education of what’s happening in the market is so important.   Finding a great real estate team that is successfully managing this transition for their clients is key to making this happen. 
We can help!  See just a few options below and call us to find out about our Hassle-free Sell/buy Program that is working for so many of our clients, including:
  • Only 2 days of showings (Sat./Sun.) w/record prices
  • Little to no repairs
  • Flexibility & time to find your next home!
– Stacy Kitchell, Managing Broker  

Options to Make Selling & Buying Work in This Crazy Market

  1. Purchase a new construction or spec home. We have represented many clients who have done this. 
  2. Buy land and custom build. We have worked with many builders and lenders to help clients buy lots and build new homes.
  3. Negotiate a Lease-back (a.k.a. Post-sale occupancy agreement). One of our most successful tools for sell/buy clients.  We have negotiated 75+ lease-backs for our clients, recently at below-market or FREE rent – and for as long as 2 years! 
  4. Submit a contingent offer. Offers with a contingency to sell your current home.  Not well received from sellers in our current market but we have pulled it off for clients in the past 6 months. 
  5. Move into a short-term rental. Requires a double move. Allow flexibility – and a temporary break from home ownership.  Things to consider: Time limit on real estate tax portability cap and more.
  6. Discuss seller financing. We have successfully constructed seller/owner financing purchases for clients.  Depends on seller’s financial position in their home.
  7. Use a HELOC. If you have enough equity in your home… We can help determine is this will work for you.  
  8. Work out an extended closing period. Sometimes acceptable to the seller.  Depends on your circumstances.
  9. Explore less competitive areas/price points – We can share these areas with you!
  10. Use a bridge loan – Can be an expensive option. Call us to learn more.