Success Story – 5021 Bridgeport



Multiple Offers

  • Negotiate $10,000 over list price

Foreign seller (China)

  • Absentee owner
  • 13-hour time difference
  • Coordinated with local title company to arrange delivery of closing documents to seller notarizing of documents with Chinese Consulate
  • Involved complicated FIRPTA process (special tax laws for foreign sellers-provided recommendation for FIRPTA CPA)

Managed Pre-List Improvements to Achieve Highest Price (ROI = 100%) –

  • Home was a long-time rental property with much needed maintenance in order to maximize sale price.  At our recommendation, our seller client invested approx. $20K and received approx. $40K more in net profit due to these improvements (100% return on investment).  Roof was past useful life and leaking (so $11K cost was necessary).  The additional profit from our recommendations exceeded the commission we charged our client.  This is a value we bring to our clients regularly.
  • We obtained pricing, seller approval, and coordinated repairs & upgrades
  • We proactively recommended 4-pt.inspection prior to listing to determine condition of roof 
  • We assisted seller in coordinating repair of sprinkler leak that occurred after listing and prior to closing.
  • We coordinated with seller and our recommended contractors to maintain the home (pool, lawn maintenance/lawn treatment)

Virtual Staging of Photos (Home was Vacant)

  • Arranged virtual staging of furniture for photos (see before & after photos below), helping prospective buyers visualize how the layout could work for them and to put best foot forward for home.   

Above & Beyond

  • Seller received large water bill from City due to broken sprinkler line.  Our team informed the seller of a potential credit available to the seller from the city water dept.  We contacted the city and connected the seller with them to coordinate receipt of a large credit on their water bill in the HUNDREDS of dollars.