WARNING!: “We Want to Buy Your Home” Ads

We’ve all seen them on TV, via postcards in the mail – and even via text messages to your phone (Stacy has MANY).  Many promise a quick and easy process, they’ll pay your closing costs – and they’ll even pay your moving expenses!  Such a deal!  So, we got to work and  have investigated several of these advertisements for our clients and here’s what we found.

CASE 1 – One company offered our previous buyer clients $311,000 for their home (that we helped them buy) and called us to see if it was a good deal.  Through our detailed analysis (very similar to the approach licensed appraisers use) we determined that their home was worth $340,000-350,000.  Yes, $29,000-39,000 more than the “We Want to Buy Your Home” company’s offer.  Our clients decided to list with us.  Click on the video to the right to see the incredible ending to this story…

CASE 2 – Seller Client #2 received an offer on their home from another “We Want to Buy Your Home” company for $317,012.  We subsequently sold the home for $347,500 – a difference of $30,488.   

CASE 3 – Stacy received a postcard from another “We Want to Buy Your Home” for her own personal home  and gave them a call.  They asked what she wanted for her home.  She asked them to make an offer.  They would not and asked a lot of personal questions about her situation.  She felt that they were assessing her  level of desperation in selling her home.  Once she told them that she wasn’t in a hurry to sell, they sent a text message to say that what she had asked for did not make sense for their economic goals.  Funny thing is, she didn’t give them an amount that she was asking for.  Again — beware!  This technique is called “fishing”.

Your loss is their gain.  Before you agree to an offer from anyone, call us for a complimentary value for your home.  Even if you don’t list with us, you will have peace of mind and you will experience our professionalism and knowledge and maybe share our name with a friend or family member.  We are here to help you keep your money.